'Loved' Bible Study by Debbie and Phil Waldrep

'Loved' Bible Study by Debbie and Phil Waldrep

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'Loved' - An 8-Week Bible Study written by Debbie and Phil Waldrep.

Jesus valued women.

He saw women as valuable to God, and He was willing to challenge the social norms of His time to prove it. He elevated the dignity of women and loved them unconditionally.

He loves you unconditionally as well.

In this study, we will examine the conversations women had with Jesus and draw a direct connection between their interactions and your own personal relationship with Christ.

Inside you will discover...

  • An 8-week study by Debbie and Phil Waldrep.
  • Questions each week to help you dig deeper.
  • Weekly material for further study.
  • Space to journal your journey and write prayer requests.

In this study you will spend eight weeks in the shoes of the women who came face-to-face with Jesus and discovered firsthand that they were loved.


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