'Rise Up' Bible Study by Debbie and Phil Waldrep

'Rise Up' Bible Study by Debbie and Phil Waldrep

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Back by popular demand, the 'Rise Up' Bible Study has been reprinted just for you! 

'Rise Up' - An eight week Bible Study written by Debbie and Phil Waldrep, Founders and Hosts of Women of Joy.

Rise above circumstances. Choose a life of joy.

Life can seem, at times, like it is dragging you down - the rush of a busy schedule, discouraging news, a stressful work environment, unnecessary conflict among family and friends. You wonder why bad things happen and why the things you have always believed about God are continually being challenged.

What if you had the tools you need to rise above it all?

Inside you will discover:

  • An eight week study by Debbie and Phil Waldrep.
  • Questions each week to help you dig deeper.
  • Weekly material for further study.
  • Space to journal your journey and write prayer requests.

Join Women of Joy and your closest friends as we dig into the Book of Philippians to discover a better, more fulfilling way to live.

You can rise above your circumstances. You can live a life of joy.


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